Think Client Value to Not Leave Yourself Fatally Exposed

Think Client Value to Not Leave Yourself Fatally Exposed

We’ve all been there…suddenly faced with the fact that the client in whom we invested so much time and energy has moved on and we are left high and dry in the account without any backup or safety net. There are two ways to prevent or at least make the best of that situation:

  1. Do not rely on just one relationship.
    Accept that there will be turnover and that you may lose your main contact. Plan for this by cultivating other relationships within the company. Connect to a senior leader above, a key stakeholder alongside and critical influencers below your day-to-day client. Make your value visible by ensuring you (and your client) get credit for the valuable work you do and the impactful solutions you bring. And when your executive leaves, ask for a warm introduction to their replacement.

  2. Continually provide value.
    Remember your value selling training. Be sure that you bring something of value in each and every interaction and that your voice is heard and appreciated beyond your immediate client. Show how you are helping their most important strategic initiatives in terms of measurable business results. Articulate the impact you have on the problems that matter most.
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