4 Steps to Improved Sales Team Performance

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For a sales team to consistently perform at its peak, you need a clear sales strategy, an aligned and high performing sales culture and a team of high performers to execute your plans.

Most often, high performing salespeople are focused, effective at building strong and value-added relationships,  business savvy, motivated to excel, and able to consistently follow value selling training best practices through the entire buying cycle.  To perform at your peak, you want the best of the best.

Here’s how to go about building a select team of top talent salespeople.
  1. Know what sales skills matter most in your business.Evaluate the skills of your high performers to determine what it takes to win.  Then create a profile of the ideal salesperson. Those are the behaviors and competencies you want to build in your current team and use to select new salespeople. Be objective. Are there current reps who are underperforming and not willing or able to change? If so, they need to move on.
  2. Know what sales scenarios matter most. Once you know the high performance sales skills required to win, identify the 5-10 sales scenarios and situations where those skills matter most in terms of revenue, margin, win-rate, deal size, etc. These are the areas to hire to train to, coach to and reward to.
  3. Recognize the importance and effectiveness of an ongoing coaching plan.After you make sure they have been taught how to give performance feedback in a constructive way, pair your experienced high performers with your lower performers. Send them out into the field together. Onsite course corrections from skilled coaches can effectively change behavior and promote a culture of continuous learning.
  4. Check in with your customers.Don’t neglect this most important source of information. Find out what your customers think of your sales reps. What would they change if they could? If your customers truly come first, shouldn’t you consider their perspective above all else?

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